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Hadley Rahael, Sydney Navarro and Mariel Lanser are the country’s equestrian champions for 2014. Click to read the entire article from the T’dad Express.

The dates for the 2015 Dressage Season and the 2015 Show Jumping Season have been posted.  Click into the links above to read more.

There is a new gallery with pictures featuring our new venture, Riding with the Deaf.  Click here to view.

Click here to see photos from the recent Fundraiser held at Jaffa Restaurant.

The Super League 2014 rules have been amended.  To view the rules, please click here.

The CEI Mini Dressage Challenge rules for 2014 have been uploaded to this website.  See the “Dressage Rules & Results” page here.

The FEI World Dressage Challenges results for Zone 10 have been uploaded to this website.  See the “Dressage Rules & Results” page.  Click here.

Interested in learning to ride or just getting involved? Check out all our recommended stables here.

NEW MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:  At the TTEA’s Annual General Meeting on November 09th, a new Managment Committee was elected.   To see the electees, click here!

Happy Riding!

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