A big thank you from Patrice

Hi everyone,

On behalf ot the TTEA Show Jumping Committee, I thank everyone who helped us host the CEA JJC this weekend:

Our sponsors: Stetchers, Intercontinental Shipping, Navarro’s Travel, Clarke’s, Surfside Pools, San Antonio Farms, Power  Boats & Quality Power K Power Products.

The Judge and Assistant Judge: Nikki and Sara. Nikki also did all the paper work for the show including the very nice program as well as an airport run to collect the Caymanians.

The Timers: Debbie N and Tessa. Tessa also helped organize the trophies, and looked after the transport for the Caymanians, to and from the show, as well as an airport run at midnight last night!

The Head of the Jump Crew: Amy, who also called all the volunteers, the ambulance, the tent people and who did such a great job moving the courses, helping to build them and marking the jumps to make the heights changes smoother, plus helped Natalie with the Gymkhana.

Natalie, for organizing the Gymkhana (the riders looked like they were having a blast!) and for helping with warm up timing.

The jump crew, Peter, Mr. Beto, Rohan, and the caddies. Rohan also doubled up to help me groom.

The Ring Steward and TD: Lin and Dug. Dug & Chancy also worked tirelessly making sure that we and our overseas guests were fed and watered. Thanks to Arlette, who also helped here, plus organizing the Trophies. Also helping with the bar and food: Chancy and Martena. Peter, for cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.Chancy, Dug and Tessa for getting the gift bags.

Special thanks to Shirley Nunes for helping with the T shirts and polos.

Thanks to Michelle  who loaned her house for the Sunday social, helped look after the horses from GHS plus became and excellent, impromptu announcer.

Thanks to Hadley, Brynn and Sydney who worked so hard looking after the horses from GHS and thanks to Sara and Muffy for lending them.

Thanks to Ashleigh and Franka for hosting the Caymanians and for loaning their handsome horse, Viking. Ashleigh also helped with warm up arena timing.

Thanks to the other horse lenders: the Lansers, the Xaviers, Adelle and Jordanne.

Thanks to the other warm up timers: Anya & Avalene.

Thanks to Anya for hosting the social on Saturday evening and for loaning Blu for the Gymknana games.

Thanks to Heather Rahael  for hosting the Jamaicans and sending her driver out to do the airport run at all hours of the night.

Thanks to Muffy for hosting Miss Betty.

A special thanks to our Team T&T, Adelle & Jordanne for riding so well and giving us lots to cheer about!

And a very special thanks to our show jumping committee of Dug, Nikki and Amy who did such a good job of organizing this show.

I hope that I have not left anyone out!

Thanks again, everyone, great team work pulled it off!