2013 Dressage News and Press Releases

October 07th, 2013:  Linda Mahon and Nikki Chatoor-Grainger recently attended the FEI Level 1 Jumping Judge’s course in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  We are proud to announce that they were successful in their examinations, and have been recommended for promotion to FEI Level 1 Jumping Judge as of January 01st, 2014.  Great job!

September 13th, 2013: The TTEA recently held a most successful clinic with Roberta Foster, an International Class Rider and Trainer.  To read all about it, click here!

Adelle Stollmeyer received the top score of the day at the Dressage Show judged by Mrs. Victoire Mandl on October 27, 2013.  Hadley Rahael led the Children’s class, and Mariel Lanser came first in the Elementary Adult class.  To read the press release, click here or here!

T&T’s Hadley Rahael performed well in the recent CADI 2013 in Concord, Massachusetts, placing 6th overall! August 01st through 03rd.  Read the press release here!

There is a lovely article on Trini-Born Greta Wrigley in the Spring 2013 issue of Florida Sport Horse Magazine.  Greta visits Trinidad and Tobago regularly, and our riders always look forward to her excellent (and exhausting) clinics!  To read the story, click here.