Dressage and Showjumping Clinic – by Camilla Fritze

It was a grand start to 2018 as Trinidad & Tobago welcomed esteemed USA coach Camilla Fritze back to the twin isles for another jammed pack 3-day Dressage and Showjumping Clinic which recently concluded mid January 2018.

Due to Ms. Fritze hectic schedule the participants were elated that Ms. Fritze afforded T&T 3 days to come and train our riders.  A very big thank you to Luisa Fernandes for spearheading the organization of the clinic and also for hosting Ms. Fritze.  The training sessions ran from sunrise to late in the night to ensure that all participants in this clinic got a taste of the Camilla Fritze experience. 


TTEA members from the following riding Stables took part:

Goodwin Heights Stables

Jericho Stables

San Antonio Stables

Sandy Hill Stables

Saddle Valley Stables


Camilla Fritze Clinic Participants:

Luisa Fernandes 

Patrice Stollmeyer 

Sydney Navarro 

Melanie Waddell 

Michelle Sabga Aboud

Clare Hobday 

Natalie Rapier

Nicola Chatoor Grainger 

Sandhya Moll 

Annabella Hill

Zoe Rutherford 

Myrisa Maundy 

Seanna George 

Gia Borely

Gabrielle Marhue

Jamie Fletcher

Justynne Fletcher

Joanne Benjamin 

Kimberly Harrylagan 

Lena Dempewolfe

Sydney Navarro

Amanda Thiessen 

Charlotte Mack

Katie Darlow

Asha Bansee

Please click to see Ms. Fritze/s CV for her many accomplishments.