FEI Solidarity sponsored courses

The TTEA applied for and received funding for FEI Solidarity sponsored courses in dressage and show jumping  in 2015 and 2016.

There will be four courses per year, two in each discipline. 

Each course will be for 4 days, with 3 days of training and 1 day of competition.


For dressage, we will have two courses running side by side, at the same time:

1. An FEI expert dressage coach, teaching our local coaches to train our riders, elementary level and higher.

2.  An FEI Judge who will train local (and regional) interested individuals to become dressage judges.

On the competition day, the local coaches will train their riders, under the FEI expert coach’s guidance. The ‘Judges in training’ will determine the tests’ results, under the guidance of the FEI Judge.


For show jumping, we will again have two FEI experts and two courses running side by side, at the same time :

1. The FEI coach working with the local coaches to train our riders at the level of 1.0m and up.

2. An FEI course designer, who will train local (and regional) individuals to design and build jumping courses.

On competition day, the coaches will train their riders to compete under the expert coach’s guidance over courses designed and built by the trainee course designers, again under the expert’s eye.

We encourage all our members to grab this opportunity to improve their skills, whether you are a rider, coach, potential dressage judge or jumping course designer. All interested persons will have to sign contracts with the FEI to show their commitment to the endeavour.

Please let the TTEA Secretary know of your interest as soon as possible. 

Note the dates below that we have applied to the FEI to conduct the courses. Please  keep these dates free to attend. Please note that they are in school holiday time so that our junior riders can benefit. Dressage and jumping riders of ALL LEVELS can benefit so do not be concerned by the levels mentioned.

The dates for the dressage courses are as follows:

Thursday 9th April to Sunday 12th April

Thursday 27th August to Sunday 30th August

The dates for show jumping courses are as follows:

Thursday 9th July to Sunday12th July

Thursday 17th December to Sunday 20th December.

 Although we are unable to anticipate a cost at this time, any costs will be minimal, as we have FEI Solidarity funding.

Looking forward to your responses, as we work together to bring our sport to a higher level.

Please forward to anyone that I may not have included.

Tessa Stollmeyer

Secretary General

Trinidad & Tobago Equestrian Association