Gallery – Riding for the Deaf

The TTEA is happy and proud to announce its initiative of Riding for the Deaf. This initiative began in September 2014 and is a joint venture between the The TTEA and The Cascade School for the Deaf. Thus far, it has been largely successful with the children displaying great enthusiasm and promise. The TTEA has several volunteers to thank for this, Anja Taylor, Sandhya Moll and Alisha Eiffel have thus far made the TTEA very proud by exhibiting selfless service and commitment to the TTEA and this program. The TTEA also acknowledges and thanks Saddle Valley Stables and  Mr RockStar “Rocky” for being a real trooper and for doing such a good job with the kids.

The  financial support given by the NGC to assist with this venture is also very much appreciated and much needed and the TTEA would like to publicly thank the NGC for all assistance rendered. Presently, the program has moved to Goodwin Heights Stables in St Anns under the guidance of Mrs Nevine Boccara and the TTEA would like to thank Goodwin Heights for its support of this venture and of course Mrs Boccara for her selfless service.