Plans for TTEA Show Jumping – 2016

The TTEA will probably be hosting  2 or 3 Show Jumping Educative Events in 2016, with the first one being in the LAST WEEK of JANUARY.

The TTEA will need demonstration riders and horses, and the Event will end with a jumping competition. All riders should take the opportunity to ride in these event as you can get valuable advise about you and your horse from FEI international experts.  Riders also get to ride in  “no pressure” competitions. Our good friend and coach, Jorge Verswyvel, has stated that all our riders need to ride in as many competitions as possible in order to improve! 

The TTEA will host 3 Super League competitions in the first half of 2016. There will be some rule changes (following Jorge’s advise) and we will offer classes for as many levels as possible: Super League, High League, Mid League, Low League, Mini League and Micro Mini League. The Micro Mini league will be held in a smaller arena and the goal is to to encourage all young riders or, riders with young horses, to start competing.

Unfortunately, there will be no more CEA Junior Jumping competitions. Instead various STABLES will try to host Invitationals and invite riders at the level and age groups that they feel that they can handle. This will be a shared horse competition i.e. invited riders will share a horse with the local riders. The first of these competitions may be held in early January! I hope that Trinidad will be able host one in the second half of 2016.

Martinique has a wonderful Invitational, usually held at Carnival time. Also Jorge Verswyvel is keen to have jumping riders of all ages come to a riding camp in Columbia. Easter is a good time for this and riders all had a blast on the last occasion that they attended.

The CEA Regional Jumping Challenge (Trinidad will host it’s inaugural CEA RJC on December 6th, 2015) will be expanded to three levels: 1.0m, .85m and .70m  for 2016. This will enable riders of all levels to  participate and be part of Team T&T, as the team score will be taken from the top score of each level.

This competition will also be held in the second half of 2016.

I do hope to bring in Jorge Verswyvel for two clinics in 2016, coinciding the first clinic with the first Super League, so that he can warm up the riders as well as walk the course with them. 


Patrice Stollmeyer

TTEA Show Jumping Delegate

682 2759