TTEA Mini League Final & 2016 Season Wrap Up

What a spectacular showdown for the TTEA Mini League Finale and Goodwin Heights Show-jumping Competition held on Sunday, October 16, 2016 at Goodwin Heights Stables in St. Ann’s.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning as riders, coaches, parents, family and friends gathered for the last time at Goodwin Heights Stables to cheer on and celebrate the end of a wonderful 2016 Showjumping season.  The three major stables participated; coaches Margaret “Muffy “ Auerbach, Sarah McCartney, Patrice Stollmeyer, Anja Taylor, Natalie Rapier and Sandhya Moll and their riders from Goodwin Heights, Saddle Valley and San Antonio stables were represented so we knew we were in for a treat.

With clear skies and plenty of sunshine, our exceptional master of ceremonies, retired police Inspector Errol Grant, kicked off the day with the crowd standing at attention and singing the national anthem lead by Michelle Sabga-Aboud.  The day’s proceedings began with our tiniest riders in the Lead Line Class.   Ten young participants gave their best and rode their little hearts out and made us all proud to envision a bright future for equestrian sport in Trinidad & Tobago.  The day’s results are as follows for the amazing horse and rider combinations:


*1ST place- Annabella Hill with Dream Weaver

*2ND place – Charlotte Mack with Saxon Dancer

*3RD place – Zoe Rutherford with Unbridled Dream

*4TH place – Mila Aleong with Sheba

*5TH place – Seanna George with Starlight

*6TH place – Lily-Marie Jordan with Sheba

*7TH place – Scarlett Selby with Starlight

*8TH place – Elle Aleong with Sheba

*9TH place – Myrisa Maundy with Saxon Dancer

*10TH place – Alianna Gunness with Morocco

Note: Isabella Ashley and Matthew Marhue  – two lead line participants that did not take part in the final but they both had a total of 90 points for the 2016 season.

A prize giving ceremony was also held to announce the overall champion of the 5-event mini league series held throughout the year in the respective classes.   These charming young rider’s overall placing are as follows:


*Champion  – Zoe Rutherford with a total of 590 points over 5 events

*Reserve Champion – Annabella Hill with a total of 510 points over 4 events

*3rd place – Charlotte Mack with a total of 410 points over 3 events

*4th place – Myrisa Maundy with a total of 400 points over 4 events.


Continuing on to the Micro Mini League (Adult & Children) with outstanding performances by all the placing’s are as follows for day’s event:



*1st place – Katie Darlow with Dream Weaver

*2nd place – Meaghan Khoury with Unbridled Dream

*3rd place – Joanne Benjamin with Dream Weaver

*4th place – Isabella Powell with Unbridled Dream

*5th place – Ryan Mohammed with Morocco

*6th place – Jessica Pagee with Morocco

Note: Kate Skinner did not participate in the final but finished off the 2016 season with 90 points.

The overall results over the series of 5 Micro Mini League events held throughout the 2016 season are as follows:

*Champion – Meaghan Khoury with a total of 410 points over 3 events

*Reserve Champions – Katie Darlow with a total of 330 points over 2 events and Ryan Mohammed also with a total of 330 over 4 events

*3rd place – Isabella Powell with a total of 270 points over 2 events

*4th place – Jessica Pagee with a total of 230 points over 3 events


*1st place – Gabriella Marhue with Morocco

The overall results over the series of 5 events in the Adult Micro Mini League:

*Champion – Gabriella Marhue with a total of 450 points over a series of 4 events

Note: Other adult participants for the 2016 season that did not participate in the final were:

Amy Costelloe who participated both in the mini league and micro mini league classes finished the year with 130 points for each class.

Asha Bansee with 90 for one event

Kemlyn Gower-Allum with 110 point for one event

Kimberly Harrylagan with 10 points for one event

Sandhya Moll with 100 points for one event

Fazal Razack with 90 points for one event

Avalene Stewart with 310 points for three events

The TTEA would like to thank all riders, coaches and officials for their dedication and selflessness during the 5 legs of competition.  Special thanks to Margaret “Muffy Auerbach for her wonderful hospitality and the use of her facility.   Thank you to our judges, timekeepers, course designer, master of ceremonies – Nikki Chattoor-Grainger, Lyn Mahon, Sara Macartney, Rebeccca Mazeley, Claire Hobday and retired police Inspector Errol Grant.  Lastly The TTEA looks forward to a new, improved and expanded Mini League Competition in 2017.