It’s a wrap for 2017 and what a splendid year it was! The year ended with a bang at Jumping League 4, held on November 18, 2017 at Saddle Valley Stables. This was the final TTEA show for the year and everyone was excited. The sun was blazing, the music pumping, riders and horses were ready to get out and put on a show! Family, friends and spectators gathered and boy were we in for a treat!

There were 4 categories of events, Novice, Maiden, Beginner and Lead/Off lead line. The competition was fierce and a great time was had by all!

With all the hard work and efforts from 2017 it was only fitting to end the year with a wonderful award ceremony. Tall boots aside for the night, everyone got a little dolled up for the TTEA 2017 end of year awards for Dressage and Showjumping. The ceremony was held at the beautiful home of Luisa Fernandes on Friday, December 8, 2017. With all the points tallied from all the 2017 TTEA League shows for both Dressage and Showjumping and our Champions for 2017 in each level was determined! Thanks for having us Luisa and congrats to all our riders!

The results are as follows:

Novice Level-Adult

Champion -Sandhya Moll -220 points
Reserved Champion -Natalie Rapier- 210 points
Jordanne Brown—90 points-3rd
Sydney Navarro-10 points -4th

Maiden Level – Junior

Champion-Isabella Powell -330 -points
Reserved Champion-Meaghan Khoury -200 – points
Katie Darlow -200 points- Forfeit

Maiden Level – Senior

Champion-Gabrielle Marhue -360-points
Reserved Champion-Jessica Morton- 330 -points
Gia Borely -280 points- 3rd
Asha Bansee -280 points- 3rd
Natalie Rapier -110 points- 4th
Kemlyn Gower-Alum – 100 ponts-5th
Amy Costelloe -90 points- 6th

Beginner Level-Junior

Champion- Annabella Hill – 310 points
Reserved Champion- Zoe Rutherford -210 points and -Chloe Bain -210 points
Charlotte Mack -200 points- 3rd
Justynne Fletcher -180 points-4th
Sophia Samaroo -160 points- 5th
Joanne Benjamin – 100 points- 6th
Myrisa Maundy -100 points- 6th
Alianna Gunness -100 points- 6th
Jamie Fletcher- 90 points-7th
Jessica Pagee – 30 points-8th
Georgina Boos – 10 points 9th

Beginner Level-Senior

Champion -Kimberly Harrylagan- 110 points
Reserved Champion-Avalene Stuart -100 points

Lead-Line/Off Lead line Level-Junior

Champion -Scarlett Selby -230 points
Seanna George -110 points -2nd
Sianne D’Abreau -110 points- 2nd
Caitlyn Sebastian -100 points-3rd
Milla Aleong -90 points 4t
Ella Aleong -70 points- 5th
Matthew Marhue -50 points- 6th

Chloe Bain -110 points-Forfeit
Georgina Boos 110 points-Forfeit
Jamie Fletcher 60 points-Forfeit
Justynne Fletcher 60 points- Forfeit
Zoe Rutherford 80 points-Forfeit
Sophia Samaroo 10 points –Forfeit





Bridles & Brunch

Bridles & Brunch, our TTEA special athletes fundraiser and fun-day was held on November 26th, 2017 at San Antonio Stables. 

It was a spectacular Sunday as we celebrated our special athletes from our TTEA programs with The Princess Elizabeth Centre and The Cascade School for the Deaf held at both Saddle Valley and San Antonio Stables every week!  The kids were ecstatic as they competed in two Dressage test events and 7 other fun events such as capture the flag and pole bending.  It was a phenomenal feeling seeing the proud parents, family and friends cheer on the kids as they competed and enjoyed a fun-filled day! 

There was also some amazing face painting done by Karen Stollmeyer and her Band of Merry Face Painters.  The kids were in awe with the final competition of the day, as they watched an exhilarating show-stopping “chase me Charlie” jumping competition with the coaches and a few experienced riders.  The day ended with a heartwarming prize-giving ceremony as each kid collected their ribbons with big smiles of joy and pride with rousing cheers and applause from the audience.

The TTEA would like to send special thanks and appreciation  to all who made this day a success for our special athletes:

Our gracious hosts Peter, Chancy, Sandhya Moll and the San Antonio Stables staff.  Anja Taylor, Kemlyn Gower-Allum and all the volunteers from Saddle Valley Stables.  Judges Sara McCartney and Melanie Waddell, event master of ceremonies retired Inspector Errol Grant.  Natalie Rapier, Alicia Eiffel,  Ian and Leona Benjamin, Rhonda Aaron and Gia Borely, Gabriella Dinnoo and Friends of the Mounted Branch and the many side walkers and volunteers.  Karen Stollmeyer and her Band of Merry Face Painters.  Caterers Tony and Lucille, Norman Sabga Aboud for the High energy Doughnuts, 

Rhonda’s coconut bakes, yummy cupcakes, butter cookies and delicious puffs. Avatars Ambulance Services for generously giving their services free of charge.  Thank you to Sandhya Moll for the use of all her beautiful horses free of charge and to the horses for taking great care of the kids.

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our TTEA Riding program: Coca Cola, Scotia Bank, Massy Foundation, Ministry of Sport and our parent body FEI. 

Thanks to all members, family, friends, teachers, coaches, parents, our special athletes and all participants  for making this a memorable day!

The 4th & Final TTEA Jumping League for 2017

You are cordially invited…

Get ready! The fourth and final TTEA Jumping League for 2017 is this Sunday, November 19 at Saddle Valley Stables at 10am!  See you there!