Reminder for the CEA JJC

The Trials for the CEA JJC for Barbados & Cayman Islands is on Sunday 18th January 2015.

It will start at 10:00am with the first rider of the first round in the ring.
This will be the 16 & under CEA JJC trial riders, then round 1 of the 14 & under, followed by round 2 of the 14 riders & under again, then round 2 of the 16 & under.

There will then have the fun rounds, $250 for 2 rounds, starting the cross rail level and then going to .70m, increasing by .10m at each change.

When a rider is entering, he/she must state which heights they wish to enter.

Ribbons will be given for clear rounds within the time allowed and the course will be based on the Cat. C of the  FEI/SL courses which you can check out on the FEI website. The course  will include a small wall and a liverpool.

The last two rounds of the Trials, for both levels, will be held after the Fun competition.
This format may change if there is only have one rider in each level for the Trials.

There may be lead line cross rail jumping classes.