Results for the FEI World Dressage Challenge 2017

The curtain closed on the TTEA hosted FEI World Dressage Challenge 2017 held on Saturday, October 21st, 2017 at San Antonio Stables!  The competition was fierce as each participant  put forth their best performance for team Trinidad & Tobago.  A spectacular job was done by all displaying the true art of Dressage “a sport of beauty and is only possible when there is a true partnership with the horse and rider.”

The TTEA was honored once again to welcome Sport Minister Darryl Smith and a few members of his team who came out to cheer on Team T&T.  


FEI Senior II: 

Patrice Stollmeyer – CLAUDIO 

– 61.5%

FEI Senior I: 

Michelle Sabga-Aboud – BISCOITO – 

– 62.42%

Natalie Rapier – VIKING THUNDER 

– 61.33%

Anja Taylor – OUT OF THE BLUE 

– 56.95%

Nicola Chatoor – TAKEOVER 

– 60.70%

Amy Costelloe – MONTE CARLO 

– 65.16%



FEI Foreign Judge: Ms Jeanne McDonald

National Judge: Ms Alison Elliot


TEAM T&T individual placings:

1st – Amy Costelloe on Monte Carlo

2nd – Michelle Sabga-Aboud on Biscoito

3rd – Patrice Stollmeyer on Claudio

4th – Natalie Rapier on Viking Thunder

Photo 1 – (l-r) Team T&T’s Patrice Stollmeyer, Michelle Sabga-Aboud, National Judge Ms Alison Elliott, FEI foreign Judge Ms Jeanne McDonald, Amy Costelloe, Natalie Rapier and TTEA President Duglas Watsun


In conjunction with the FEI World Dressage Challenge 2017 there was also a TTEA Dressage show held directly following and the results are as follows:   

                                                                                                                                                                                             TTEA ENTRIES

FEI Senior ll:

1st – Luisa Fernandes – BISCOITO – 61.62%

USEF 1st Level 3:

1st – Sydney NAVARRO – NOBILL LX – 65%

USEF 1st Level 2:

1st – Clare Hobday – AUDACITY TO HOPE – 62.03%

USEF Training Level 3:

1st – Gia Borely – UNBRIDLED DREAM – 66.82%

USDF Intro C:

1st – Zoe Rutherford –THE SULTAN – 63.5%

2nd – Annabella Hill – MOROCCO – 63.25%

3rd – Charlotte Mack – MOROCCO – 59.75%


USDF Intro B:

1st – Amanda Thiessen –STARLIGHT– 64.38%


USDF Intro A:

1st – Justine Fletcher – MAJESTIC 7 -64.69%

2nd – Scarlett Shelby – STARLIGHT -60.94%

3rd – Jaimie Fletcher – STARLIGHT -58.44%

A phenomenal time was had by all!  Special thanks to Sports Minister, Mr. Darryl Smith and the Ministry of Sports for its continued assistance and support.  Thanks to the FEI, our parent body,  San Antonio Stables, All officials and volunteers, TTEA organizing committee and Roberta Foster.