Show Jumping (prior results)


Jumping Steward Course

February 2014:  The Jumping Delegate, coach Katarina Hellsten and coach Sandhya Moll attended the Jumping Steward Course in Barbados.  To read their report, click on the following link:  Jump Steward Course Barbados February 2014


Update from the Show Jumping Delegate – What is happening in the fall of 2013? 

We have had an intensive start up with the Trials where we select the representing team for the two final competitions of the annual Caribbean Equestrian Association Junior Jumping Competition 2013.

Trinidad and Tobago was the host for the second last and during two intensive days, September 21st and 22nd the teams from Barbados, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and our Hadley Rahael and Mariel Lanser fought a close battle of four rounds on different horses in each category (under  14 and under 16) but on the second day our home team were the strongest and came out FIRST! We are very proud of our riders and of course of our great horses that were loaned by their owners to the competition. We cannot thank you enough!!

Skilled officials, coaches, helpers and host families made it possible to run a professional show and thank you notes and appreciation have been received from the competing nations for the great effort, professionalism and joy that was contributed during this competition and social arrangements.

Our home team and coach Patrice Stollmeyer will travel to Jamaica for the final CEA JJ leg in December and we wish them the best of luck.

We are now also planning for the two final legs of our Super League competition; Super League 3, October 13th and Super League 4, Nov 14th with heights from 0.85 to 1.20.  The competitions will be held at Saddle Valley Stables and Programme can be found on our website and Facebook shortly.

Hope to see you on the show grounds. Welcome!

FEI World Show Jumping Challenge – Category C


Fifteen-year-old Amber Thompson, riding her own Mr Wings, placed first in the Trinidad and Tobago leg of the Federation Equestre Internationale’s (FEI) World Jumping Challenge, held at Saddle Valley Stables in Upper Santa Cruz on July 13 and 14.

Check out the programme that was for this event, here: FEI WSJC – 2013 Programme!

Amber on Georgie   Amber Thompson on “Mr. Wings”



Super League 2


See our Secretary General’s big thank you to all our helpers! Results coming soon!!

Hello all,

RE: Super League 2 on 5 May.

Super League 2 is over and we are already looking to the next competition.

The day on May 5 went well, despite the fact that entries were limited. We were so happy to see Keri Clarke and Luisa Chapman with four new riders.

As always, a competition cannot take place without the generous volunteering of time.

Sara McCartney was the competent judge, assisted by Chancy Moll.

A family affair…Sandhya was also there as assistant timer. And Peter, with Beto and crew, to set up the jump course and help with bar. We missed Rene on the day, but know that she had worked behind the scenes to ensure that we got our ‘supplies’.

A competent Garryk Jaggan managed the ring on the day, making sure that all was in order. He even doubled as a ‘timer’ when the need arose.

There were 2 new helpers on the day, husband and wife team, Natalie and Ash Rapier. Natalie did a good job judging the ‘equitation on the flat’ and was our Tech Delegate. Ash worked in the ring (and on his suntan!)

Amy Costello was in and out of the ring, helping with the jumps and as Ring Steward.

Debbie Thompson, as Show Co-Ordinator, was putting things together from way before.

We always look forward to having Inspector Grant do his special style of announcing and he did not disappoint.

We missed Katarina, even though she was involved from afar….but Patrice willingly filled in as Jumping Delegate and course designer.

I also have the pleasure of thanking my husband, Donald, who tried his hand at timing. He is now roped in!!

On behalf of the Jumping Committee, thank you to all.

Tessa Stollmeyer Secretary General


Super League 1


The first leg of the 2013 Super League will be held on March 24th. The Super League rules have been revised this year so be sure to get familiar with the changes and how they affect you!

Also check out the event’s invitation here.

Results are now posted for Super League 1!! Check out the results on our results page.


CEA JJC – Barbados Leg


The Barbados Leg of the CEA JJC was held on the 1st and 2nd of February, 2013. With tough competition and tricky mounts, the T&T team held their own! Check out the results on our Show Jumping Results Page, linked below.



Team T&T leave for CEA Junior Jumping Challenge in Grand Cayman – May 10, 2014.

Super League 2 to be held May 04th, 2014.  Read here.

April 28th, 2014:  Chelsea Thomas HITS Winter Circuit in South Florida.

March 16, 2014:  Super League 1 / Moll and Navarro take the lead.

 Thompson and Rahael to represent T&T – CEA Trials – February 2014

T&T Equestrians win 2013 CEA Junior Jumping competition … again!

Super League 4 – Thompson and Rahael x 2 win Champoinship – November 2013 

Super League 4 – To be held at Saddle Valley Stables – November 2013

Super League 3 – Great show for Thompson, Rahael and Moll – October 2013

Team T&T win on home ground – CEA Junior Jumping Competition – Sept 2013 

Lanser & Rahael to represent T&T – CEA Trials – Sept 2013

Amber Thompson wins Blue Ribbon at Venice, Florida competition – August 2013

Amber Thompson wins Trinidad Leg of FEI World Jumping Challenge – July 2013

Chelsea Thomas and Mariel Lanser represent T&T in FEI Group IV Friendly April 2013

Lanser & Thompson Win CEA Trials January 2013

T&T Win CEA Show Jumping Dec 2012