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1. Local Competitions and Leagues 


A. Super League



Super League Rules 2014, revised in May 2014.  Please note:  Riders must compete in at least 2 Super League competitions to be eligible for double points at SL4.

Super League Rules 2013, revised in Dec-2012. (Amendments shown in blue)


Overall Results

2014 Super League Results:

Results Super League 1 2014

Results Super League 2 2014


2013 Super League Results:

Super League 1 Results

Results Super League 2 2013


Results Super League 4 2013


Previous Years:

Super League Results – 2012

Super League Results – 2011



Super League Overall Rankings – 2012

Super League Overall Rankings – 2011

Super League Overall Rankings – 2010


B. Trinidad & Tobago Invitational 


TTEA Invitational – 2012


2. Regional Competitions

A. CEA Junior Jumping Competition



TTEA Rules for Trialsfor CEA JSJ0

CEA Junior Show Jumping Challenge Rules




2013 Overall CEA JJC Results

Jamaica CEA JJC Results Dec 2013

Barbados Leg


Previous Years

Trials for CEA JSJC – 2010

CEA JSJC Results – 2012 & previous years


3. International Shows Hosted Locally and Abroad

A. FEI World Jumping Challenge



2013 World Jumping Challenge Rules



WJC Results – Trinidad 2010-2012

WJC Results – previous years


B. CAC Games



Final Qualifying Criteria CAC Games Mexico November 2014



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