Super Final Nov 2014

Super Final will be held at Saddle Valley Stables on Sunday 16th November.

The Mid League will go first, followed by the High League with the Low League at the end.

The first course walk will be at 10:00am and the first rider in the ring at 10:30am.

Rosettes for each League level will be handed out IMMEDIATLY after the class so please stay mounted to receive your rosette. If your horse is overheating, please go ahead and give him a quick wash but keep his tack on so that you can receive your rosette and  enjoy your victory gallop.

Entries ($250 per level) must be paid to Nikki Chatoor Granger (for the St. Ann’s riders) or Anja Taylor (for the Santa Cruz riders) by Saturday 8th November.

The TTEA Show Jumping Committee will be enforcing the $100 late entry fee if riders enter and pay after that date. Also, if you have entered and your horse goes lame, a vet certificate stating same must be presented to the Treasurer so that you can get your entry fee returned. Please understand that the shows (especially the ambulance) are very expensive to put on. The ambulance etc. must be booked in advance and the time needed given. So we need to have our definite entries known up front.

Please also support the TTEA’s Bar & Food. This is YOUR association and the money from the bar & food is returned to you in some form or fashion.By not supporting the TTEA’s bar & food, precious money (that can be spent on development) may be wasted. If you do not like what is being served, go and have a chat with the bar & food folks so that you can have what you desire at the following competition.

Remember to check the TTEA’s website for the SL rules.

See you there,


(on behalf of the TTEA’s Show Jumping Committee)