Super League Final

The Super League Final was held yesterday, Sunday 25th October, in sweltering heat.

First to go were Jordanne/Mr  Wings and Adelle/ Audacity to Hope with two clear rounds in the Mid League, round 1. Then in the second round, both had one knock down, and at the same jump! Jordanne won the class on time and also won Champion in the Mid League division with Adelle being the reserve Champion.

There was a great deal of excitement in the Mini League level, with thrills and spills. Hadley/Miramis won the class on the day but Kelly Camacho/Eye See Dee was crowned Champion in the Mini League Division.

Hadley won the High League Division from her two previous Super League rides.

Well done to all our Super League riders.

We had a Micro Mini Class which was won by Isabella Powell on her very own Miramis. But Maeghan Koury/Rockstar showed tremendous potential, even cantering a couple jumps in grand style!

But we could not have hosted the competition without the efforts of very many people to whom I give a thousand thanks on behalf on behalf of the TTEA:

First of all my Show Jumping Team of Dug, Amy and Nikki.

Dug, thanks for organizing the bar & food, as well as the trophies and ribbons,

Amy, thank you for organizing the helpers, the jump crew, the tents and chairs, and helping me set up and take down. Plus making sure the jump crew was paid, plus collecting them and dropping them back.

Nikki, thank you for judging on the day, for doing the paper work, and for organizing your assistant, Sara,

Peter, thank you for the help on Saturday with the setting up, plus bringing your worker and your pick up. All at the last moment when someone failed to show.

Arlette, thank you for the use of your van on Sunday for taking down the course, when someone failed to show, again.

Natalie and Lin for helping with the timing and TD,

Nicole, for being ring steward.

and Inspector Grant for coming with his posse and lending support.

Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. It is not intentional.

No competition can be held without very many people working as a team and for giving of their time and energy. So, once again, thank you!


Patrice Stollmeyer

TTEA Show Jumping Delegate

PS Remember the new date for the CEA REGIONAL COMPETITION is Sunday 6th December so please save that day. It promises to be an exciting show!