Thank You Message from Heather Rahael

Thank you everyone for another successful Super League. Always so wonderful to come together as a community to share in a sport we all love!!!  I was so so glad that Hadley was able to lease a horse for the day so we were more able to participate. I know that having the older kids stay and watch the mini micro round meant the world to the youngest competitors. That is what I grew up with and what I see every competition in the States at Oakmore. Witnessing other riders step up and help stable mates out whether in setting jumps or piloting different horses around for experience. That is just fantastic. It brings a bigger smile to my face than accepting a ribbon. Those acts show the virtues of good Sportsmanship, Helpfulness, Caring, among others. And of course everyone’s behind the scenes helpfulness and organization in order to pull together such a big event. Thank you thank you to all!!!  A great success!!  Have a fantastic week everyone!



Heather Rahael, MA-SLP