Thanks from Nikki – TTEA Dressage

Hello everyone

Forgive me for this being sent so late.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the riders that participated in last week’s CEA Mini-Dressage Challenge, ‘challenge’ being the operative word!

Congratulations in particular to the team of Adelle Stollmeyer, who achieved the highest score of the entries, Anja Taylor and Patrice Stollmeyer. Well done all for representing the country.

A special thank you to Arlette and the Saddle Valley team for working so hard and so quickly to get the grounds prepared in time for the show.

As always, a huge thank you to Peter & Chancy Moll and Duugh Watsun, and Linda Mahon and Sara McCartney for giving their time and energy to this event. Without you all, this could not have taken place, and I am truly grateful.

Until next time!

Nikki Chatoor

TTEA Dressage

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