The 3rd FEI Dressage Judging & Coaching Course

It was competition day and the final day of the third FEI ESEE Dressage Judging and Coaching course and the TTEA was delighted to welcome the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, The Honourable Minister Darryl Smith and his beautiful children.

This was the third ESEE Solidarity program for Dressage, the FEI ESEE – Equestrian Sports Educative Event (ESEE)held from Thursday 28th September to 1st October, 2017 at San Antonio Stables in Santa Cruz.

International FEI experts Mercedes Campderá from Mexico and Maria Ines Garcia from Colombia facilitated this four-day event. Sports Minister Darryl Smith welcomed and thanked the two facilitators for visiting Trinidad and discussion ensued regarding the future of equestrian sport in T&T.

Minister Smith got a tour of the hosting stable San Antonio Stables with TTEA President, Mr. Duglas Watsun and was quite impressed with what he saw.

Minister Smith was able to view a few of the competing trainee judges, trainee coaches and riders who put into practice what they learnt over the 4-day ESEE Dressage course. Under the guidance of Ms. Campderá, the trainee judges scored and assessed the performance of all the competing riders and this information was then shared with all participants.

The Dressage ESEE course participants were:
Trainee Dressage Judges:
Patrice Stollmeyer
Sara McCartney

Trainee Dressage Coaches:
Sandhya Moll
Natalie Rapier
Anja Taylor
Errol Grant
Amy Costelloe

Luisa Fernandes and Waheeda Muller also audited the course.

Competition & Demo Riders, horses and tests:
Patrice Stollmeyer on Claudio-FEI Senior 2
Sandhya Moll on I’m Not Rachel – USDF
Natalie Rapier on Viking Thunder – FEI Senior 1
Amy Costelloe on Monte Carlo-FEI Senior 1
Claire Hobday on Audi- USDF
Gia Borley on Sinnerman -USDF
Luisa Fernandes on Biscotti – FEI Senior 2

Demo Riders:
Jessica Morton on Starlight
Katie Darlow on The Sultan

Certificates of Participation were given to all trainee judges and coaches including Nicola Chatoor-Grainger, Rebecca Mazely and Margaret Auerbach who all participated in one or both of the two prior ESEE Dressage judging courses.

Special thanks to Sports Minister, Mr. Darryl Smith and the Ministry of Sports for its continued assistance and support. Thanks to the FEI, our parent body for its commitment to our discipline’s sustained development. Dr. Chancy Moll, Mr. Peter Moll and Ms. Sandhya Moll of San Antonio Stables for their wonderful hospitality.

FEI ESEE Dressage Course Attendees with FEI facilitators Mercedes Campdera and Maria Ines Garcia.

(l-r) – Sports Minister Mr. Darryl Smith, Coach and rider Sandhya Moll with horse I’m Not Rachel and TTEA President Mr. Duglas Watsun

(l-r) – TTEA President Mr. Duglas Watsun, Coach and rider Amy Costelloe with horse Claudio and Sports Minister Mr. Darryl Smith

(l-r) – Dr. Chancy Moll, owner of San Antonio Stables, FEI expert Mercedes Campdera from Mexico, TTEA President Mr. Duglas Watsun, Sports Minister Mr. Darryl Smith and FEI expert Maria Ines Garcia from Colombia.

(l-r) – TTEA President Mr. Duglas Watsun, Sports Minister Mr. Darryl Smith and Mr. Errol Grant – TTEA Showjumping delegate, Coach and 2017 National Award Honoree Humming Bird Medal (Silver)