TTEA 2015 Dressage Season

The Dressage events for 2015 are as follows:

  1. Feb 1 2015– FEI WDC Trials
  2. March 4 & 5 – FEI Dressage 2015
  3. May 17 (tentative) CEA Dressage Challenge
  4. July 10, 11, 12 – CEA Dressage Friendly Final
  5. Nov 15– Dressage Super League Final

See Calendar of Events (click ‘Look for More‘ to see more dates)

The TTEA would also like to introduce its 1st Dressage Super League which consists of the following shows (Guidelines are being finalized and will be sent in a timely manner:)

  1. FEI WDC Trials
  2. FEI WDC 2015
  3. CEA Dressage Challenge
  4. Dressage Super League Final

FEI WDC 2015 Incentives:

  • .   $1500 CASH as top prizes  for each of the 3  Team members after vet check
  • ·      Further Cash Bonus for over 65%

CEA Dressage Friendly Final Guidelines:

The other islands felt that there was too much travelling throughout the year to do a junior dressage competition like the JJC but we felt that if we host an Invitational (each island can take turns in hosting), we can have the CEA Dressage Friendly.

It will be for riders 16 years and under.

 Day 1 will be the Friday when there will be a 1/2 hour practice on which ever horse that rider has drawn,

Day 2, the horse owners will have their competition: 2 classes, Training level 1 & Training level 3, the winner is the rider with the best combined score.

Day 3, the overseas teams of 2 riders per country will ride the same 2 tests in the am, the winner having the best combined score. After the juniors, the host country can have more dressage tests for there local riders.

Each country chooses their own criteria but riders must have 60% or over in the Training level or higher tests. The judge can be “r” rated.

Trinidad will host the first year. It is be held in summer holidays before CADI so it can be used as a prep to CADI.

Overseas entries will pay US$100 to enter to the NF to help offset costs involved.

Further information will be forwarded in a timely manner.