TTEA Membership

TTEA Membership

Want to join the TTEA? We would love to welcome new family members to our equestrian fraternity!

Our membership fees were revised for 2014.  See all the options below:

Membership Options – Annual Fee and Votes Allowed
1.  Each Competitive Riding Member (16 + over) -TT$400
     Allowed 1 (one) vote
2.  Each Competitive Riding Member (Under 16) – TT$400
      Not allowed to vote-Parent/Guardian has 1 (one) vote
3. Non -Competitive Riding Family Membership –  TT$100
    Allowed 1 (one) vote (Adult)
All participants in TTEA clinics, shows and other events must be TTEA members.
Please complete the form below and submit electronically to the Secretary General (

TTEA Membership form

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