TTEA Registration

TTEA Sport horse registry


How do I register my horse?


Simply fill out the TTEA Sport Horse Registration form, found above, and submit the form to the TTEA Secretary General. Along with the form, you should provide photocopies of any TTRA forms or other forms associated with that horse. Please note that your TTEA Sport Horse Registration form must be accompanied by a veterinarian completed markings form. In the case of many horses, the TTRA Application for Registration form is sufficient. If you do not have this form, you must get a registered veterinarian to complete the TTEA Sport Horse Identification form and submit a copy of that form with your registration form.


Why did the TTEA create a sport horse registry?


Firstly, all horses that compete in FEI events must be registered with the FEI by the national federation (the TTEA in this case). This registration process is new with the FEI and therefore is not entirely connected to any FEI passports that have been issued. The TTEA Sport Horse Registration form contains all the information the TTEA will need to register your horse with the FEI.

Secondly, the TTEA will be issuing TTEA passports to all registered horses that do NOT have an FEI passport. The TTEA passport will include all identification information needed for the horse (and therefore its ownership), the horse’s vaccination record and re-iterate the fact that the horse is registered with the TTEA.

Thirdly, in order to improve our efficiency the TTEA would like to register all horses. Registration with the TTEA will allow us to provide data and statistics that the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs require. Registration will also be a requirement for any horses competing in TTEA events. This is especially important as the TTEA will be re-establishing its horse competition levels, in the future, to protect and ensure the safety of our horses while they are competing.


When do I have to register?


As this is a new process it will be implemented in three stages:


Stage 1: All horses that will be competing in FEI shows in 2010 (FEI World Dressage Challenge) must be registered with the TTEA by 30th September 2009.


Stage 2: Horses that compete in TTEA competitions must be registered with the TTEA by January 31st 2010.Please remember that in order to compete in any TTEA events, your horse must be registered.


Stage 3: From February 2010, non-competitive horses will be registered free of charge for data resources. Any non-competitive horses that you would like to compete with after can then be registered fully at the below costs.


What are the costs to register?


The cost of registration is $60 TT. This is a one time cost and if your horse is already registered with the FEI then the registration fee is waived.


If you would like to fully register your horse with the FEI and recieve an FEI passport, please speak to the Secretary for more information.