TTEA Rules & Regulations

Show Jumping ring entry


The following are rules applying to a competitor’s entry into the ring at a TTEA Show Jumping competition:

– after the course walk has been announced as closed, the first competitor has five (5) minutes to enter the ring or they will be disqualified.
– after a competitor’s name has been announced, the competitor has two (2) minutes to enter the ring or they will be disqualified.


Competition entry fees


The following are the entry fees for TTEA competions:


Show Jumping competitions (all competitions excluding trails for CEA JSJC): $250 per class


Super League competitions – $250 per class (each event includes 2 rounds)


Dressage competitions – $250 per test


Other fees:


Late entry fees (for show or clinic): $100 per entry in addition to entry fees


Lost competition number: $50 per number


Tent deposit – $100 per tent


Membership fees: $300 per family


Competition entries


The following are the rules governing entering TTEA competitions:

All entrance fees for TTEA competitions must be paid at least one (1) week before the scheduled competition day. After that time, all entry fees will increase by $100 ie. if an entry fee for one jumping round is originally $250 each jumping round will be $350 after the one (1) week deadline. Entry changes/cancellations are only refundable and can only be made up until 48 hours before the competition day. Also to be paid at least one (1) week before the show is the $100 fully refundable tent deposit. All stables requiring a tent at the show grounds must pay this deposit per tent requested. The deposit is fully refundable ONLY if the tent is used on the competition day or if the tent is cancelled within 48 hours of the competition day.


TTEA competitions are only open to financial TTEA members. In order to enter a competition you must be a current TTEA member.


All monies must be paid to Stable Liasons.


Super League 2016

For the complete rules, please see Super League Rules 2016: