TTEA SL 2 Press Release and Photos

The TTEA Show Jumping League 2 took place on March 19, 2017 at Saddle Valley Stables in Santa Cruz.  With bright blue skies and a radiant Sunday morning the tone was set for this riveting event.  Riders, coaches, horses and ponies, family and friends prepped and gathered in anticipation of the morning ahead. 

All the riders did a brilliant job in showcasing their skills.  As FEI judge and coach Sara McCartney stated “Do you realize we had 54 rounds around that course!”

That’s a lot of riding people!  Job well done and a lot of fun was had by all!

A special thanks to the Ministry of Sport for its continued support  in the development and growth of our sport. A big thank you to Arlette Xavier and the team at Saddle Valley Stables, FEI Judge Nikki Grainger, technical official Clare Hobday, event chairperson retired inspector Errol Grant, jump crew, riders, runners, coaches, family and friends and we cannot forget our horses and ponies!

The results are as follows:


1st – Isabella Powell with Miramis

2nd – Katie Darlow with The Sultan

3rd – Meaghan Koury with Quiet Bid


1st – Natalie Rapier with Sinnerman

2nd – Kemlyn Gower-Allum with Quiet Bid

3rd – Jessica Morton with Unbridled Dream

4th tie – Asha Bansee with Unbridled Dream

4th tie – Gabrielle Marhue with Eye See Dee


1st – Annabella Hill with Morocco

2nd – Alianna Gunness with Morocco

3rd – Jessica Pagee with Rock Star

4th – Myrissa Maundy with Majestic 7

Note: Charlotte Mack with Morocco also participated in this event


1st – Kimberly Harrylagan with Eye See Dee

2nd – Avalene Stuart with Eye See Dee


1st – Chloe Bain with Rock Star

2nd – Sophia Samaroo with Starlight

3rd tie –  Georgina Boos with Miramis

3rd tie – Scarlett Shelby with Starlight

4th tie – Seanna George with Starlight

4th tie – Melissa Vlieger with Sinnerman

5th – Mila Aleong with Starlight

6th – Zoe Rutherford with Cadbury

7th – Ella Aleong with Starlight

8th – Jamie Fletcher with Majestic 7

8th – Justynne Fletcher with Unbridled Dream

9th – Matthew Marhue with Sinnerman