TTEA thanks everyone who helped on 22nd

The TTEA sends a bit THANK YOU to everyone who helped at the Super League 1 and the FEI World Jumping Challenge 1 which was held on 22nd March 2015. Some very good riding was seen and although the FEI course had it’s little area’s to catch riders, there were some excellent clear rounds!

The TTEA sends its appreciation all the volunteers who helped today:

Dr. Rossi Bridgelal, for doing the vet inspection,

Nikki, Judge and Natalie, Assistant judge,

Tessa, head timer,

Amy, head of jump crew, and that VIP who rounded up the troops,

Patrick and Ash, who were ‘voluntold’ to help :),

Peter, for making the building of an FEI course actually workable,

Beto, Rohan and friend, for building the FEI jump course,

Dug, for manning the bar and being the TD,

Michele and Heather for being ring steward, 

and Nikki again for doing the program and handling the paper work.

If anyone was left someone out, we apologise and it was not intentional.