WJC Results – Trinidad 2010 –

FEI World Jumping Challenge Results – 2010

After a short break, the TTEA held the FEI World Jumping Challenge on the 10th & 11th July. This competition was created to provide jumping riders with an opportunity to compete on an International level without having to leave their own countries.

There are three categories in this competition. The 3 categories are as follows: Category A (1.20m), Category B (1.10m) and Category C (1.00m). For Categories A and B, the complete competition consists of 2 competitions of 2 rounds and for Category C, one competition of 4 rounds over different courses. This year, Mr Alan Wade from Ireland produced the course plans. At the end of the year the team scores from all the participating countries are compared for regional winners.

The TTEA held the Category C competition this year with a record 8 rider and horse pairs. Mrs. Anne-Marie Parravincio, from Barbados, judged the two days of competition held at Hidden Valley Stables, Santa Cruz. The rainy season paused for the competition weekend so that riders, volunteers and spectators were treated to a sunny two days. The weekend ended with a TTEA Classic Show Jumping event for riders not competeing in the FEI event. The international competition proved to be a great challenge for our riders with Sandhya Moll and her mount, Majestic 7, rising to the top. A big congratulations to all of the riders who competed so very well, an even bigger good luck to our team of Sandhya Moll, Steven Degheldere and Cammila Garcia and the biggest thank you to our team of volunteers for making the competition possible!


Cammila Garcia on Singing Idol

Results – FEI WJC

1st – Sandhya Moll – Majestic 7 – R1 0 flts; R2 4 flts; R3 0 flts; R4 4 flts 66.96s
Total – 8 flts 66.96s
2nd – Steven Degheldere – A Great Team – R1 0 flts; R2 4 flts; R3 4 flts R4 0 flts 69.75s
Total – 8 flts 69.75s
3rd – Cammila Garcia – Singing Idol – R1 0 flts; R2 0 flts; R3 4 flts; R4 8 flts 63.50s
Total – 12 flts 63.50s
4th – Melissa Sheppard – Amigo Mio – R1 4 flts; R2 4 flts; R3 0 flts; R4 4 flts 73.93s
Total – 12 flts 73.93s
5th – Jade Gomez – DreamWeaver – R1 4 flts; R2 0 flts; R3 4 flts; R4 4 flts 77.24s
Total – 12 flts 77.24s
6th – Ana Lanser – Uniface – R1 4 flts; R2 5 flts; R3 4 flts; R4 4 flts 86.31s
Total – 17 flts 86.31s
7th – Charlotte Morrison – Alfie Meh Boy – R1 0 flts; R2 0 flts: R3 8 flts: R4 12 flts 71.36s
Total – 20 flts 86.31s
Garyk Jagan – Miramis – R1 E; R2 8 flts; R3 E; R4 R

Team – Sandhya Moll, Steven Degheldere & Cammila Garcia